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5 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time to Travel With Your Dog

is fall the best time to travel

With winter right around the corner, it’s time to squeeze in the last month of fall travel before the winter travel season picks up! Traveling in the fall with your furry best friend can make a world of difference in how much money you save and the sights you’ll see. Keep on reading to learn about tips and tricks for fall travel and find out why fall is the best time to travel!


1. Less Crowds

One of the obvious advantages of traveling in the fall is avoiding the summer and winter rush. If you’re visiting popular attractions, the fall season will offer shorter lines and more space for you and your pup to roam around. If there is an attraction that requires a reservation or ticket entry, you’ll likely find that you can grab a spot during the fall season without having to book it weeks or months in advance. Generally it’s easier to travel around with less crowds. If your dog gets overwhelmed with lots of new people, then traveling in the fall will be the most ideal for your pup.


2. Cheaper Flights and Accommodations

Two of the biggest travel expenses are flights/transportation and lodging. One of the most appealing reasons to travel in the fall are the big savings. (To learn more about how to travel with your dog on a budget, read our post HERE) If you are part of a hotel or airline’s loyalty program, or own a credit card that offers major travel rewards and points, keep an eye out for fall offers as this can save you more on top of what you are already saving!

When it comes to accommodations, it’ll be easier to find pet-friendly availabilities on sites like AirBnb during the off season. Unfortunately, pet-friendly home rentals are less common and can fill up quickly but traveling during the fall will give you more flexibility. A great alternative? Stay at a dog-friendly hotel that will cater to you and your pup! Romingo helps you cut the cost by partnering with dog-friendly hotels that offer $0 in pet fees! Staying at a hotel will usually offer an overall better experience (in regards to service, comfort, accessibility, etc.) and more flexible checkout times during off seasons. All of Romingo’s partnered hotels are in prime locations and allow up to 2 dogs at 75 lbs. each. Enjoy the lowest room rates and browse through all of Romingo’s partnered hotels HERE.


3. Mild Weather

If you’re traveling in the United States, you’ll get to enjoy some of the nicest weather of the year. You won’t have to fuss with hot concrete or heavy winter wear and your furry companion will thank you too! If your pup is traveling by plane via cargo, mild climate is a huge advantage as this will lower the risks of overheating and give you more flexibility for flight times.


4. Beautiful Scenery

There’s nothing quite like stunning fall foliage. Along with mild temperatures, you’ll enjoy beautiful scenery and lush nature during the fall. If your trip heavily revolves around the outdoors, fall is hands-down the best time to travel! For some fall travel inspiration, check out these articles:

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5. Local Experiences

Get the most of your destination by discovering all of its local offerings! You can find Halloween festivals and other fall themed events by just doing a quick Google search. Plus, many of the local events take place outside so you can bring your pup along. AirBnb also offers tours and classes lead by locals so you can immerse yourself into the culture. Just be sure to check and see if dogs are allowed.

There you have it! We’ve covered 5 reasons why fall may be the best time to travel with your pup. Take advantage of all of fall’s savings by booking a room with no additional pet fees on Romingo! There are never any hidden pet fees and you can save up to $150 on each room.

Want more pet-friendly tips and tricks? Let us know what we should cover next in the comments below!

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