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Here’s Why The Romingo Score Helps You Find The Best Dog-Friendly Hotel

Before you book with Romingo, or if you’re contemplating whether Romingo may be the right hotel booking service for you, let’s get you familiar with the Romingo Score.

Our Romingo Guarantee promises the lowest rates at luxury hotels, waived pet fees on all reservations, and beds, bowls, and treats for your canine companion upon arrival!

…But what is the Romingo Score?

Our dog-loving, pet-friendly experts developed the Romingo Score to redefine what dog-friendly truly means. With Romingo, dogs aren’t just allowed or tolerated. They are welcomed and loved!

The Romingo Score Algorithm

In a nutshell, the Romingo Score algorithm rates a hotel on its level of dog-friendliness based on a wide array of factors. But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you either! Here’s our criteria:

  • Location and walkability: proximity to dog-friendly shopping centers, restaurants, cafés, patios, bars, breweries, transportation, and other activities
  • Proximity to dog parks, dog restaurants and cafés, hikes, and potty relief areas
  • Hotel amenities and features for you: In-room dining, pool and jacuzzi, fitness center, spa, and more!
  • Hotel amenities and features for your dog(s): On-site dog run, dog park, pet welcome programs, towels/robes, dog room service, etc.
  • Guest reviews from previous stays
  • The destination’s pet-friendliness: Some cities are more pet-friendly than others. For example, San Diego is considered one of the most pet-friendly cities in California so this would bump up a hotel’s rating in San Diego.

Our goal with the Romingo Score is to help you navigate which dog-friendly accommodation is the most suitable for you and your pup. We encourage you to explore all our partnered hotels and their offerings when selecting the best stay for you.

With the Romingo Score and Romingo Guarantee, we hope to make your travel experience hassle-free, pleasant, and luxurious. Not every hotel is made the same but with Romingo, your perfect dog-friendly accommodation awaits!

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