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7 Unique Pet Products That Make Life 10x Better

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We guarantee you that these unique (and underrated) pet products do not get enough attention for how much they can improve the quality of life for pups! Not only are these 7 unique pet products great conversation starters, but they’re also fun, functional, and highly-rated among many dog parents.

Slopper Stopper Dripless Water Bowls

This seemingly plain water bowl is actually an innovative, holy grail essential for dog parents who own medium or large dog breeds. Many dogs make a mess when they’re slurping up water but the bowl’s design keeps water from spilling, meaning less clean ups for you! This $55 investment goes a long way.

Shampoo Massage Dispenser

Make bath time an experience your dog enjoys with these silicone dispensing massage brushes. This 2-in-1 product allows you to scrub down your pup while giving them a well deserved massage.

Portable Poop Scooper

Handle your dog’s waste without actually having to handle it. This super lightweight, convenient pooper scooper works as a container to scoop up your dog’s waste and dump it without having to ever touch the poop bag. It comes with a waste bag compartment as well.

Dog Crate Furniture

This dog crate is for those who want to combine style and functionality. Elevate you and your pup’s living space with a dog crate that doubles as a darling piece of furniture. It features rotatable dog bowls that are removable as well. We also love this other wooden crate with double doors.

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline

We know how important pet travel safety is but it doesn’t need to be restrictive for our furry friends. This zipline product serves as a seatbelt harness while still giving your pup mobility as they ride with you. The design is easy to install and is compatible with most cars and breed sizes!

Obstacle Training Course Kit

Keep your dog healthy and happy with a simple agility course like this one that comes with a tunnel, pause box, obstacle bars, and carrying bag. This is the perfect purchase to keep your pup stimulated and challenged while you’re working or traveling. It’s also a great way to bond with your furry friend!

Raised Dog Cot Bed

If you want a durable and breathable bedding option for your dog, consider getting them an elevated cot. A bed like this helps with temperature control all year round. It’s water resistant and much easier to wash than a traditional dog bed.

We hope you found our list of highly-rated unique pet products helpful! Share the love with your dog and other fellow dog parents who you think might benefit from these products. For more articles like this, check out:

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