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These Are The 5 Products Every Pet Parent Should Own

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Whether you’ve been a pet parent for years or are new to pet parenthood, you can elevate the journey with these 5 products we think every pet parent should own! These affordable products are practical and must-haves for ease of traveling and general dog ownership. Your pets will love it too! Check out the list below for the essentials to add to cart now. dog snuffle mat


Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

Washing your dog’s paws after a walk or hike can be a pain in the butt, but who doesn’t love clean paws?! The MudBuster makes it incredibly easy and convenient to keep your pup’s paws clean after any occasion. It features soft silicone bristles to remove dirt and mud, and all you need is a bit of water to get the job done.



mudbuster snuffle mat

Airline Approved Dog Travel Bag

This is an essential piece to have in your pet parent arsenal, even if you and your best friend don’t air travel. This overnight bag comes with everything you need for your pet’s needs and more, including collapsible dog bowls, and food containers. The bag is waterproof, sturdy, durable. and wipes down easily. It’s easy to organize and practical to use for all occasions so you’re truly getting the best bang for your buck.


dog travel bag

Waterproof and Scratch Proof Car Seat Cover

These universal car seat covers are the perfect accessory to keep your cars scratch and dirt-free. It’s important to dog proof your space as a pet parent, especially your car, if you and your pup like to travel together. These covers are easy to wipe down and vacuum, plus they feature heavy duty anchors to keep your pets safe and secure

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Portable Dog Travel Water Dispenser

Unlike other water dispensers, this portable one is multifunctional that holds water and food. Carrying a portable water dispenser is much more efficient than collapsible bowls and is designed to minimize the mess. This essential is completely leak proof, has 2 water flow settings, and the compact design is easy to take with you anywhere you go!

water bottle snuffle mat

Interactive Pet Snuffle Mat

We highly recommend a dog snuffle mat as an essential to keep your pet stimulated at home or even on your travels! It can help exercise your pet’s sense of smell and physical strength, along with relieve stress and regulate emotions. The variety of feeding games can keep your dog busy and happy for awhile, and as a pet parent you’ll be pleased to know that the snuffle mat calls for easy cleanup and storage!


snuffle mat

Has your pup ever experienced playing with a dog snuffle mat? Is your car dog-proofed? Whether you and your pup are avid travelers, or you like to stay home and explore local spots, these 5 products are pet parent essentials that are guaranteed to make life easier for you and your furry best friend! Looking for more recommendations? Let us know below!

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