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Pet-Friendly Travel – It’s on the Rise!

Pet-Friendly Travel

With travel restrictions easing up around the globe, people are starting to go out and see the world again. But, they’re not alone. Pet-friendly travel became popular after the pandemic because a lot of people welcomed new pets during the lockdown.

Since more and more people are traveling with their pets, the term “pet-friendly” became a part of the hospitality industry. Let’s dig deeper and find out why pet-friendly travel is on the rise and how it impacted the hospitality industry as a whole.

More Pet Owners!!

As of 2022, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) said that over 70% of households in the United States owned a pet. Basically, the majority of these pets are dogs and cats.

More Pet Owners

The number of pet owners increase steadily over the years. This survey was first conducted in 1988 and back then, it was 56% of the households. In 2019 (before the pandemic), it was 67%. This number increased by 3% in just three years.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), approximately 20% of Americans got a new pet when the pandemic began. It was all attributed to the lack of socialization during the pandemic.

Everybody stayed at home and chose not to go out because of safety reasons. Their mental health has been affected because of this. Having companions like pets really helped with the mental health of most people in the United States. This is the reason why the number of pet owners experienced a boost since 2020.

Pet-Friendly Travel in the United States

Pet-friendly travel in the US

Traveling with your pets became simpler and more convenient because of many reasons. Well, the pandemic played a major role in this transition.

Here are some of the explanations why pet-friendly travel became a hot topic in the tourism sector, particularly in the United States.

1. Pet-Friendly Hotels at your Service!

Since the number of pet owners increased, you can also expect a surge in pet-friendly traveling. However, this trend only started because more and more hotels started to ride the hype.

Kimpton Hotels created a reputation as the best pet-friendly hotel in the world even before the pandemic. Since 1981, this hotel has been a popular destination for pet owners who want to enjoy a vacation with their pets.

Dog in a hotel room

Aside from Kimpton Hotels, a lot of other hotels decided to take advantage of this and offered pet-friendly rooms and services to pet owners. This is one of the main reasons why pet-friendly travel in the United States increased over the years.

These hotels offer a wide range of services starting from free dog bowls and beds. Others even offered free dog food. You might even find hotels with doggie room service. Basically, whatever you can avail in the hotels can also be applied to your pets.

2. Traveling is Cheaper

Since most people already have pets, you have several options if you plan to go on a trip or vacation.

  • Get a pet-sitting service to take care of your dogs
  • Bring your dog to a kennel
  • Take them with you on your vacation

A pet-sitting service might be a good idea, but it is very expensive since you have to pay for the person who will take care of your dogs. You’ll have to prepare food for them as well.

Putting your dog in a kennel is pretty much the same as bringing them to a hotel but with a more expensive fee. Yes, dog kennels are very expensive, especially if you’ll leave them for a couple of days.

Dog in a Kennel

Bringing your dog with you on your vacation became a lot cheaper because of pet-friendly hotels. Although some hotels ask for a pet fee, it’s not as expensive as hiring someone to take care of you.

3. Pet Owners Spend Billions on their Pet

Pet Spending

According to APPA’s 2021 State of the Industry data, households spend $29.8 billion on pet supplies, medications, and live animals. They also spend $34.3 billion on product sales and veterinary care, and $9.5 billion on pet services.

What does it mean?

Pet owners are willing to spend money on their pets. If you can bring your dogs and cats with you on vacation, would you do it? If there are hotels willing to accept your pets and even offer complementary services, would you spend money on it? Definitely!

With the increase in pet owners, most people saw this as an opportunity. Aside from hotels, restaurants, malls, and other establishments also became pet friendly. Why? To attract pet owners to visit them and buy their products and services.

Pet-friendly travel is definitely on the rise so you should expect more and more establishments to allow pets on their premises.

If you plan to travel around and book pet-friendly hotels, Romingo is here to help. You don’t need to worry about pet fees and you can find a hotel that would fit your preferences.

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