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Pet-Friendly Tip of the Week: The Non-Stop Barker!

The Nonn-Stop Barker

Dogs are meant to bark as it’s a way for them to communicate. However, some dogs bark excessively. They would bark at almost anything. If you think that your dog’s barking is starting to become a problem, you need to learn how to control it.

Let’s find out why some dogs bark excessively and how you can control it.

Why Do Dogs Bark?

It may seem like a silly question for some people, but if you are thinking of taking care of a dog, you need to understand a few things about them – including barking.

Before we proceed with the solution to solve excessive woofing, you need to understand why your dogs bark. You can’t just make them stop because barking is like breathing to them. To control your dog’s barking, you need to know the reasons why they woof all the time.


Dogs get extremely agitated when someone they don’t know enters their territory. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, a human, or any kind of animal. If they feel threatened, they will bark excessively. During these times, your dogs will always look alert and aggressive.


A dog usually barks if a noise startles them. Along with excessive barking, you will notice that their tail is between their legs, they have a low head posture, and their hackles are raised.


Dogs get bored, especially if you don’t give them enough attention or you don’t play with them often. When they seek playtime with you, they often bark until they get your attention.

There are instances where they would bring a certain object that would indicate that they want to do something. It might be a ball or a leash, which means that they want to play or they want to go out for a walk.


This is a very common thing for dogs as they get unusually happy when they see you. If you’ve been out the whole day or you’re gone for a couple of days, they would bark consistently when they see you. The barking is often associated with tail wags and jumping.


Sometimes, dogs would also bark if they want food. If you forgot the time and they know that it’s feeding time, you can expect them to bark at you to remind you that it’s time to give them food.

Health Problem

Canine Dementia is one of the main causes of excessive barking. Basically, your dogs bark at non-existent things as they already have cognitive dysfunction. Take note that this problem usually develops in older dogs.

If you noticed that your dogs are barking without any reason, bring them to a vet immediately for a checkup.

How to Deal with a Non-Stop Barker!

Trying to control your dog’s woofing can be very tough in the beginning. Barking is very natural for them so it takes a lot of patience and works to stop them from excessive barking.

Before you start your dog’s training, you need to have a proper mindset first. Here are some of the things that you need to understand if you want to train your dogs and prevent them from woofing excessively.

– It will not happen in just a few days. You need to work on it for weeks or even months. Consistency is the key.

– Dogs don’t have any idea what you are saying. Even if you tell them to shut up, they won’t understand it. You’ll have to use a certain word or gesture that would signal them to stop barking.

– Never shout at your dogs, especially if they are already barking non-stop. Doing this will only stimulate them to woof more because they think that you are joining them. Control your emotions and speak calmly.

Let’s resolve your dog’s excessive barking based on the many reasons why they bark.

1. Socialization is the Key!

One of the many reasons why dogs bark excessively is because they don’t get much exposure to other types of people or animals. It’s possible that you don’t walk your dogs in parks or your neighborhood often.

Because of this, they are not used to seeing other people and animals. If the mailman arrives, they will woof continuously until the threat is gone. If you walk your dogs regularly and you let them mingle with other dogs and humans, you won’t have to worry about them barking too much inside the house.

2. Always Have Time to Play

Taking care of a dog is not easy because you need to make time for them. They’re like your sons and daughters so if you decided to have one, make sure that you always give time for play.

If they don’t get enough attention, your dogs will bark incessantly until you do something. Too busy at work? Bring them to a doggy daycare. Once in a while, bring them with you on vacation. There are a lot of pet-friendly hotels that would accommodate your dogs.

This would allow them to relax and feel at home. They’ll have plenty of time to play as well so it’s a good way to unwind.

3. Train your Dogs

Training takes time, but you can see the progress so you’ll know that what you’re doing is effective.

The first thing that you have to do is to decide if you’re going to use a voice command or a hand signal. You can use the word “SShh” or “Quiet” if you prefer voice commands. If it’s a hand signal, the best is to put your fingers on your lips.

Once your dog starts barking, use the voice or hand signal to make them stop. If you noticed that your dog looked at you and stopped barking, give them a treat. Take note that you should never reward them while they are still barking. You need to be firm that they can only get treats if they stop barking when you use a verbal or non-verbal cue.

Do this consistently and your dogs will realize that if they stop barking when you make a signal, they would get a treat.

4. Get Professional Help

If you think that your dog is suffering from a medical condition, go to a vet as soon as possible. Excessive woofing because of a health issue will not be resolved by training. You need a vet to handle the problem immediately and prevent the health concern from becoming severe.

Try these techniques and try to mix them up. Knowing the behavior of your dogs will help you choose the right training for them. You can go with command-based training or you can invest a bit of your time and change their behavior by bringing them out more and letting them socialize with other species.

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