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A Breakdown of Romingo and Other Pet-Friendly Online Travel Agencies

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There are tons of ways to book your next vacation stay. You could contact your favorite hotel directly, use a booking agency, or browse a guide to find a place that’s perfect for you. But what about when you’re traveling with your dog? How will you know you’re getting a truly dog-friendly experience every single time?

With Romingo, every listed hotel is canine-approved. We’re determined to make an easy-to-use booking system to help you and your dog book your perfect trip — no filtering, no additional fees, and no hassle required. With our exclusive Romingo Score and Romingo Guarantee, you’ll know exactly how dog-friendly your next stay will be.

What do you get when you book with Romingo?

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Other sites, even pet-forward ones, sometimes hide their pet policies in fine print. Not us! Everything you need to know is front and center.

If you’re looking for a truly dog-friendly stay, Romingo is a one stop shop. We have a very strict selection process and only approve about 10-15 properties in each area. That means we hand-select only the most dog-friendly properties. Scratch that — we only work with dog-welcoming properties. You won’t find hundreds of unvetted dog-tolerating properties on Romingo.

Only high quality properties in desirable areas and neighborhoods get our stamp of approval.  With Romingo, quality trumps quantity.

When booking, you can see other dog-friendly amenities your hotel offers, plus nearby perks, like onsite dog patios, dog-friendly cafes, walking areas, pet shops, dog parks, and more.

Don’t think we forgot about you! Romingo also includes details about top notch human-friendly amenities like pools, spas, dining, fitness facilities, accessibility, and all the rest.

The Romingo Guarantee

A lot of hotels say they’re pet friendly, but have no additional details about what that entails. It could mean pets are tolerated, or they could enthusiastically welcome your dog with treats and belly rubs. With Romingo’s own pet policy, you’ll be sure every single booking sticks to the Romingo Guarantee. With a consistent baseline for our definition of dog-friendliness, you can rest assured you’re booking a great stay every time.

When you book with Romingo, you’re guaranteed: 

  • Up to two 75-pound dogs can stay with you in your room.
  • Beds, bowls, and treats for your pup provided by the hotel
  • Competitive guestroom rates on par with other online travel agencies
  • Waived non-refundable pet fees, saving you money when you book

For us, these aren’t perks, they’re necessities. The Romingo Guarantee makes sure you and your dog are pampered with a no-hassle booking experience and staying at the best, most dog-friendly hotels in great locations.

The Romingo Score

Every listing adheres to our Romingo Guarantee, but our Romingo Score helps you select the cream of the crop. Unlike other booking companies that use reviews and standard hotel accommodations as their only property rating metrics, we factor in how well they’ll treat you, your dog, and all kinds of other goodies.

Here’s what we factor in:

  • Proximity to dog-friendly shopping centers, restaurants, cafés, patios, bars, breweries, transportation, and other activities. Walkable areas get a score boost, too.
  • Hotel amenities and features for human visitors. Enjoy in-room dining, pools and jacuzzi, fitness centers, spas, and more!
  • Hotel amenities and features for dogs: On-site dog run, dog park, pet welcome programs, towels/robes, dog room service, and other special doggy perks rank high in our book
  • Guest reviews from previous stays
  • The area’s pet friendliness matters. Some cities have more dog-friendly events, activities, and locations than others, making your stay even better. That means those places get a bump in the Romingo score.

Compare Romingo to other top pet-friendly online travel agencies

We know you have options when it comes to booking lodging for you and your dog. Because we know transparency is important when it comes to pet friendliness, we’ve compared Romingo to six of the biggest pet-friendly travel sites today.


BringFido is a pet-friendly booking company with an affiliate program and home sharing options. Known for its user-friendliness, this well-known site offers a huge selection of dog-friendly lodging, restaurants, activities, and destinations.

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  • Lodging options – Lots of choices here. Hotels, vacation rentals, campgrounds, and other accommodations abound. BringFido also points out restaurants, activities, events, and pet services in the area.
  • Selection process – BringFido’s enormous library of pet-friendly locations means there’s a wide range of definitions for “dog-friendly.” Too much of a good thing can mean you have to sift through a lot of options to get what you want. Romingo, on the other hand, has a very selective affiliate process, so only the best of the best dog-friendly lodging make it to our site.
  • Ratings for dog friendliness –  BringFido’s rating is based on user reviews. Romingo uses the Romingo Score, which factors in reviews, but also leans heavily on amenities, location, reputation and more.
  • Included amenities – You’ll have to look at each and every hotel listing to get a baseline for your chosen lodging’s dog friendliness. BringFido does not guarantee beds, bowls, or treats in the rooms either.
  • Guarantees – The BringFido Pet Friendly Guarantee means pets are accommodated in a pet-friendly room when booked on the site, and fees won’t exceed the quote.
  • Fees – There are no additional booking fees, but some hotels on BringFido do require non-refundable pet fees.
  • Customer service – BringFido is known for great customer service, an easy-to-use website, and listings that are actually pet-friendly. They don’t promise extra perks, but their customer service means you won’t be hit with any surprises.

Bottom line – BringFido is all about, well, bringing your dog with you wherever you go. This site is great for finding pet-friendly activities, locations, and lodging, but doesn’t have the nitpicky selection process or amenity guarantees that make Romingo special.

.     .     .    .


Airbnb is an extremely popular vacation rental site with a dog-friendly filter. Each rental is unique and really gives you a taste of the local flavor.

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  • Lodging options – Airbnb is best known as a homestay site, but offers a wide range of rentals including apartments, shared rooms, full houses, condos, resorts, and much more.
  • Selection process – Because Airbnb is a platform for hosts, there’s no selection process for dog-friendliness. Each host may decide whether or not to permit pets and can make their own rules about how they’ll handle animals in the building.
  • Ratings for dog friendliness – Airbnb doesn’t have a dog friendliness score, but you can read about pet owners’ experiences in the reviews section.
  • Included pet amenities – Sometimes “pet-friendly” means cats only, other times it means dogs permitted with expensive fees. You might have to contact the host to approve your pet before booking, too.
  • Guarantees – Airbnb encourages pet-friendly hosts to provide bowls, furniture covers, and cleaning supplies, but has no pet-friendliness guarantees.
  • Fees – Some hosts require non-refundable pet deposits or extra fees for cleaning. A few of them waive pet fees.
  • Customer service – If you’re looking for a dog-friendly rental through Airbnb, you can filter for pet-friendly listings, but then you’ll have to comb through the fine print of every page to see each host’s unique pet policies. With Romingo, the fine print is already read for you, no filtering necessary.

Bottom line – Airbnb is the first name in homestays, some of which are pet-friendly. But because each host can set their own pet policies, you may get hit with fees, strict regulations, or no extra accommodations. Romingo only lists truly dog-friendly lodging with no filtering and no fine-print reading necessary.

.     .     .    .


Expedia is recognized as a great price leader and has a good loyalty program. You can filter for pet-friendliness, but their price tag doesn’t roll in pet fees. Here on Romingo, you won’t find additional non-refundable pet fees or hidden requirements. We’re very clear about what dog-friendliness means to us.

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  • Lodging options – Expedia is a one stop shop for lodging around the world: find hotels, motels, resorts, cabins, B&Bs, villas and more.
  • Selection process – Properties can be tagged as pet-friendly to help you search. Expedia doesn’t vet pet-friendliness and leaves the tagging up to the properties themselves.
  • Ratings for dog friendliness – The rating systems on Expedia come from guest reviews and amenity features, but there isn’t a dedicated pet friendliness rating. You can read each property’s reviews to spot notes about pets.
  • Included pet amenities – Expedia’s idea of dog-friendly isn’t clearly defined. Many popular pet-friendly hotels on their site consider pet beds, treats, and nearby potty areas to be above and beyond. For us, that’s a requirement. Sometimes pet-friendly doesn’t equate to luxury accommodation. Romingo’s exclusive selection process ensures that you’re getting great quality lodging in desirable areas wherever you go.
  • Guarantees Expedia has no pet-friendly guarantees. They acknowledge that hotels have different ideas of pet friendliness, and encourage the guest to check each listing’s pet policies.
  • Fees – Expedia does not waive pet fees, and many properties require them.
  • Customer service – Expedia has great customer service. They’ll help you make sure your booking is exactly as you ordered.

Bottom line – For a great deal on a wide range of hotels and rental properties, Expedia is a great option. But if you’re looking for a truly dog-friendly stay, Romingo makes sure you and your dog are as comfortable as possible.

.     .     .    .


Booking.com is another popular, easy-to-use online travel agency. You can filter by pet friendliness and explore a huge number of human-friendly accommodations.

  • Lodging options – With rooms, homes, apartments, and cabins around the world, Booking.com is one of the top travel agencies today.
  • Selection process – Properties can determine whether or not they allow pets. You can filter your rooms by pets allowed, but remember that pet policies vary tremendously. In fact, we found a top-rated pet-friendly hotel that doesn’t allow dogs or cats.
  • Ratings for dog friendliness – Booking.com’s rating system is based on guest reviews and isn’t pet-centric. You can read through the reviews for notes about dogs and pet accommodations, though.
  • Included pet amenities – Because each property can customize their pet policies, the included amenities vary wildly. This means pet-friendly could mean anything from pet-tolerance to pet-welcoming. You’ll need to carefully review each listing or call the property for details.
  • Guarantees – Booking.com says you need to get in touch with the property to sort out pet friendliness, but they will make sure your stay is exactly as you ordered.
  • Fees – Pet fees aren’t clearly listed on the site, and many do require additional fees. If you want to know what your hotel means by “additional charges may apply,” you’ll have to contact them directly.
  • Customer service – Despite hit or miss pet policies, Booking.com has great customer service. You can chat or call 24/7 to make sure your booking is exactly what you want.

Bottom line – You’ll have to scroll all the way to the finest of fine print to find out whether your dog is actually welcome. You’ll never wonder if Romingo hotels welcome dogs. Because our hotels are hand-picked, there’s absolutely no question that the properties on our site are extremely dog-friendly.

.     .     .    .

Pet Friendly Travel

This one’s more of a travel guide than a travel agency. Pet Friendly Travel is a great database to find lodging that welcomes pets; you can’t actually book a room on the site. You can check out the pet policies of all kinds of accommodations all at once, then book separately.

pet friendly travel

  • Lodging options – Find vacation rentals, hotels, luxury resorts, B&B, cabins, and more.
  • Selection process – Pet Friendly Travel is a hotel listing service and they don’t have an affiliate program or endorse any of their lodgings. This is just a database to help you find a hotel that welcomes pets.
  • Ratings for dog friendliness – Pet Friendly Travel makes it very clear what each hotel’s pet policies are. It’s right there in every listing so it’s very easy to sort through your hotels at a glance. That said, each property can make their own definition of pet-friendly policies, and some can be very strict. Others are popular options here on Romingo.
  • Included pet amenities – Each pet-friendly hotel is invited to describe their own amenities, which can range from basic animal tolerance to included specialty dog room-service menus.
  • Guarantees – According to their terms of service, Pet Friendly Travel doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the pet policies listed on their site. Contact the property for details.
  • Fees – Some properties require a pet fee, some don’t. Either way, Pet Friendly Travel doesn’t cover pet fees for you.
  • Customer service – Pet Friendly Travel helps guests find hotels, but leaves it up to the guest to work out customer service with the properties directly.

Bottom line – If you want to browse the pet policies of a lot of properties all at once, Pet Friendly Travel makes it easy to compare. If you’re looking for an exclusive selection of great dog-welcoming hotels and an easy booking process, Romingo is the way to go.

Romingo offers carefully selected lodging, waived pet fees, top customer service, guaranteed dog-friendly amenities, and an easy-to-read Romingo Score to help you know exactly how dog-friendly your stay will be. So what are you waiting for? Book your most dog-welcoming stay ever! Don’t forget to sign up here to get the latest on dog-friendly travel news and updates.

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