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Independent Hotels vs. Hotel Chains: Which Have Better Pet Policies?

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When searching for the right accommodation for your next pet-friendly vacation, there are many key things to consider such as location, room rates, amenities, and flexible pet policies. If you’re an avid traveler, there may be a specific hotel brand you keep coming back to. If you travel occasionally, are new to pet-friendly travel, or are looking to elevate your pet-friendly travel experience then you may want to consider looking into independent hotels and other hotel brands. Let’s review what you can expect from independent hotels versus hotel chains, differing pet policies, and our recommended hotels (which you can book for NO additional pet fees)!


Independent Hotels vs. Hotel Chains: What’s the difference?

Most hotels around the world are part of a large portfolio of hotels owned by a parent company, or tied to a parent brand (e.g. Marriott and Hyatt). This means that the parent company has control over operations, marketing, administration, etc. and have set standards and practices across all locations. For visitors, this can be very appealing because you know what standard of care and quality you will receive no matter which part of the world you travel to.

Hotel chains also offer very attractive membership or loyalty programs where you can enjoy benefits and rewards. For example, Marriott Bonvoy offers 6 levels of memberships with basic perks like late checkouts and 10% more points on every room purchase. Hyatt’s loyalty program is free to join with no minimum. Kimpton, which is a part of IHG Hotels & Resorts, offers 6 tiers with perks like $30 in-room spa credit and dining exclusives. Finally, you can find hotel chains almost anywhere you travel making it convenient and accessible in prime locations.

Independent hotels are independently owned and operated, with their own branding and style. As a hotel operator, independent ownership gives you freedom over every aspect of the hotel from its aesthetic, operations, to use of finances. As a visitor, you’ll get to enjoy a more personalized lodging experience. Over the years, travelers have become more intrigued by independent hotels because of its unique boutique style and personalized service. Independent hotels usually offer a localized approach with a greater attention to detail as a way to stay competitive. For people seeking new experiences, independent hotels are a great lodging option.

Now onto the pet policies…

Although hotel chains have set standards and operations across their different brands, their pet policies can differ from brand to brand depending on the location as well. Besides Kimpton properties that offer a very inclusive pet policy (read all about it HERE), most hotel chains that allow pets have weight restrictions and pet fees. If you’re wondering what the pet policies look like for each brand of popular hotel chains, check out these articles:

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Here’s the good news: all hotels on the Romingo platform will cost you NO additional pet fees, meaning you pay $0 every time you book your stay through us!

As for independent hotels, we recommend you give the property a call. Keep reading to discover some of the independent hotels on the Romingo platform that will welcome your pups with open arms!

Pet-friendly hotels on Romingo


Hotel Andra located in downtown Seattle offers a charming boutique experience and is one of Romingo’s sustainable hotel picks! This independent hotel is a favorite amongst travelers because of its fair prices, spaciousness, and high maintenance of its luxurious amenities.


hotel andra seattle

Pan Pacific Seattle is owned by Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, headquartered in Singapore, and a subsidiary of UOL Group. Pan Pacific Hotels have been expanding globally with its first U.S. location opening in Seattle. You’ll get to enjoy exquisite interior design and a premium experience from the moment you set foot into this property. Visitors boast about how convenient the location is and how welcoming and accommodating the staff is!


pan pacific seattle

The Pacific Inn in Orange County offers a true boutique, seaside experience located just a few blocks from the water. This hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Seal Beach, making it very accessible to many of Southern California’s attractions in Los Angeles and Orange County. This property offers all the amenities you may expect from a hotel chain, while maintaining personalized service for all its human and furry guests.


Hotel Zetta located in the heart of San Francisco’s SoMa embodies the vibrancy and boldness that we love about the city. Hotel Zetta is owned by the Viceroy Hotel Group which has a growing portfolio of impressive hotels and resorts. Hotel Zetta features 116 spacious rooms with a very hip interior, perfect for savvy travelers and culture seekers.


As a traveler, you and your pup will likely know what to expect when you stay at a hotel brand that is part of a major chain. Both hotel chains and independent hotels offer many perks and benefits, so it will ultimately depend on what kind lodging experience you are looking for. Unlike hotel chains that offer more consistent pet-friendly policies across several brands, you may have to do some extra research to find independent hotels that offer appealing pet policies.

At Romingo, we save you time and hassle by bringing you the best hotels (independent and chains) that will welcome your pup for no additional fee! Plus, enjoy flexible cancellations and an easy booking process through our platform today.

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