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Prepare For The Best Hike Yet With These Hiking Essentials For Dogs

hiking essentials for dogs

Whether you’re going on a 10-mile trek or an intermediate 3-mile loop, you’ll need the hiking essentials for dogs covered in this article to ensure you have the best and most prepared hike! First and foremost, check in with your dog (and vet) to know what level of difficulty they can handle. Ask yourself if your dog is physically ready for a hike. They should be up to date on all necessary shots. If your dog has a lower stamina, don’t force them to go on a rigorous hike with you. Always work up to it and start slow!


Preparing for the trail

  • Do your research: Make sure you’re familiar with the trail before you head out, even if you’ve never been there before. Look up the hours, length of the trail, and get familiar with the landscape of it. Add the address to your favorites or save it somewhere on your phone.
  • Trail regulations: Brush up on the trail’s regulations. Some trails have a strict mandatory leash rule.
  • Trail etiquette: Bring poop bags with you, or whatever else you need so your dog doesn’t leave a trace! Respecting the trail is important, especially if it’s shared with other people and wildlife. Make sure your pup doesn’t pee at a water source and keep them on a tight leash around horses and other animals.


The Hiking Essentials


  • First Aid Kit: This essential needs no explanation. A small first aid kit will come in handy in case of emergencies while on your hike. If you are going to be backpacking or camping, opt for a bigger and more comprehensive first aid kit like this one.
  • Leash: We recommend a heavy duty durable leash for hiking, especially if you have a medium to large sized dog. Choose a leash that allows you to have a strong and comfortable grip and one that doesn’t extend too long if you need to keep a tight reign of your dog at any point. We recommend this one or this one if you want a waist belt.
  • Insulation: Going on a hike during the winter? Some dogs may be sensitive to the cold so it’s wise to prepare an insulated jacket (like a waterproof fleece piece) to keep them cozy during the hike.
  • Sun protection: If you’re hiking during the summer, you’ll need something to keep your dog nice and cool. You can opt for a cooling vest like this one, although we don’t recommend hiking with your dog in high temperatures as this can damage their paws and cause severe dehydration or heat stroke.
  • ID tags: Be sure Fido is leaving the house fully identified and have their ID tags on them at all times!
  • Paw care: The rough terrain can do a number on your pup’s paws. If you’re hiking in the snow, you’ll definitely need booties to keep their legs warm. Depending on where you’re hiking, consider a waterproof bootie or fleece-lined bootie. Be sure they’re adjustable and your dog is walking comfortably before embarking on the journey ahead.

Safety lights: Besides ID tags, let people and other animals identify your dog from far or near by using safety lights. This is especially important if you’re hiking after sunset. We recommend these LED lights that can easily be clipped onto your dog’s harness or collar, or these glowing collar rings.

EXPERT DOGGY TIP: Take lots of trail breaks! Read your dog’s body language (learn how here) to get a gauge on how they’re feeling throughout the hike. If it’s a longer hike, you’ll need to take food and water breaks. Bring along a blanket and whatever else you desire to make the trail breaks more comfortable for the both of you!

The other necessities: Bring plenty of waste bags, a towel (in case your dog gets wet or you need to clean them up before heading back into the car), extra food/treats, water, and collapsible bowls. For more travel essentials, read our article “Don’t Forget These 11 Essentials In Your Doggy Travel Bag”.

Are there any other hiking essentials for dogs that we missed? How are you preparing for hikes with your pup? We hope you feel more prepared after reading this guide!

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