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Ready To Travel With Your Pup? Make Sure To Read This First

dog-friendly travel in california

Are you obsessed with your dog? Do your lifestyle choices revolve around your furry companions? Then welcome to the club! 63.4 million American households own dogs and approximately 78% of Americans who have pets travel with them each year. That’s over half of total Americans who are wondering: How can I best travel with my dog?  dog-friendly travel in california

There are so many wonderful reasons to travel with your dog. From companionship, to adventure, to comfort… dogs truly are the best travel buddies! We’re ecstatic over the growing number of dog-friendly parks, beaches, restaurants, and hotels all over the world.

We realized how special it is to make memories with our canine companions, whether we’re discovering new hidden gems in Orange County or reaching the top of the world in San Diego. That is exactly why Romingo was born! We’re making dog-friendly travel in California accessible and convenient.

dog-friendly travel in california
dog-friendly travel in california

Our mission is to provide you with the best luxury stays in popular Californian destinations that are committed to waiving all “pet fees” – especially when it comes to medium and larger-sized dogs. Additionally, we provide an exclusive list of hotels that offer dog beds, bowls, and treats upon arrival! You (and your pups) can walk into the hotel after a long day of traveling and feel completely at ease knowing a hassle-free experience awaits you.

dog friendly travel

Traveling with our pets should always be a positive experience and we want to share that with you. When you book online with our dog-friendly agency, you’re putting your trust in us. We are so appreciative of this which is why we commit to going above and beyond to curate the best dog-friendly hotels for you and your beloved.

Stay tuned for fun ideas, useful tips, and the latest trends for you to chew on while you plan your next dog-friendly travel!

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