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Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday In Style With These Cute Ideas

dog birthday ideas

We all want to make our pups feel EXTRA loved on their special day, and getting creative with a doggy celebration is a mood booster for sure! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to help celebrate your dog’s birthday in style. Check out these dog birthday ideas (and thank us later):


1. Doggy Birthday Party

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This may be an obvious way to celebrate your pup but take it to the next level by making it a themed party for the furry pals! This is an exciting time for all your dog-owner friends to come together and watch the dogs play together. You can host it at a private patio, backyard, or even inside your home if all dogs are well-trained and have access to a potty area. You may also consider a park but be sure dogs are leashed or are well-trained with recall and supervised at all times. Some ways to make the birthday party memorable include:

  • Buy or bake a dog-friendly cake to share
  • Have the special pup and guests wear birthday hats or bandanas
  • Give out goodie bags filled with dog-friendly treats
  • Play doggy games (e.g. tug, hide and find the treat, etc.)

2. Pup-approved cake alternatives

If you don’t want your dog devouring a whole cake, or if they are on a diet or have allergies, opt for an alternative cake. You can do a cake-shaped tower of their favorite toys, or objects they like to rip up like toilet paper. This is the one day of the year where they really get to indulge in their guilty pleasures!

3. Create fun photo ops

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If your dog doesn’t mind (or even enjoys) dressing up, creating several photo ops can be a lot of fun and makes for great Instagram photos! You can set one up outside if you have space or around the house. You can choose a simple birthday theme or really play it up with more creative, quirky themes. Here are some of our favorite birthday themes:

  • Marvel or DC (superhero themed)
  • A luau
  • A fairytale or princess theme
  • Retro (50’s, 60’s, etc.)
  • Movies (James Bond, cowboy, etc.)

4. A New Experience

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If your dog’s birthday happens to fall near the time of a dog-friendly event at a dog park or dog beach, that can be a great opportunity to have your dog celebrate with other dogs and get some exercise! Consider trying out a new restaurant together (preferably one with a doggy menu), visiting a new hiking trail, or doing water activities like paddleboarding. Check out our previous blog posts about the best dog-friendly restaurants, hikes, beaches, and parks:

5. Let them pick out their own gift

Who doesn’t love gifts?! Take your dog to the local pet store and let them choose our their favorite toys and treats.

6. Create a doggy spa day


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Pamper your dog right at home! Give them the ultimate TLC experience with their favorite yummy homemade meal, an extra long walk, and a doggy massage.

7. Plan a trip together!


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With Romingo, you can find the best dog-welcoming hotels at prime locations where your dog will feel extra welcomed and serviced at luxury hotels (and you’ll have just as much of a blast). You can plan a full dog-friendly itinerary (we have lots of great resources to help you with that HERE) and all our listings include dog-friendly activities nearby. A trip would be an unforgettable birthday experience.

What are some ways you’ve celebrated your dog’s birthday in the past? Let us know below! We hope these dog birthday ideas have helped you with planning your pup’s upcoming birthday!

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