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Support These 5 Companies That Give Back To Animals in Need

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In the spirit of the holidays, we want to spotlight pet companies that are doing good for your pet and other animals in need! We continue to be inspired by companies that give back to animals. Here at Romingo, giving back to those in need is one of our values and we believe that giving back is something we can do all year long. That is why we’ve committed to our partnership with Red Rover from the very beginning.

“Red Rover’s mission is to bring animals out of crisis and strengthen the bond between people and animals through emergency sheltering, disaster-relief services, financial assistance, and education. We accomplish this by engaging volunteers and supporters, collaborating with others, and maximizing the use of online technology.”

Every booking on Romingo includes a small charitable donation to Red Rover, a non-profit organization that aims to assist those in need. When you book with Romingo you’re helping real pets and their guardians find real help.

And it’s not just us that are dedicated to making the world a better place for animals! These 7 pet brands are “pawing” it forward:


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About the company: Kurgo shares that they make great gear to help dogs & their people enjoy the world together! Their brand centers around pet owners and travel enthusiasts who love enjoying the great outdoors. On their website you can find car seat covers, harnesses, backpacks, carriers, and other goods for dog-friendly travel.

How they give back: They started the Kurgo Foundation back in 2010 “with the goal of providing both monetary and product support for dogs and animals struggling in the aftermath of natural disasters.” They have since shifted their priority to “encourage underrepresented communities to go outside with their pets” called the Adventure Together Fund. This collaborative effort aims to encourage diversity and inclusivity in the outdoor space.

Pet Flow

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About the company: Pet Flow brings delicious, healthy food right to your doorstep. On top of their large variety of quality pet foods, treats, supplements, toys, and chews, they also provide a subscription service for your orders. Get 10% off all your orders when you auto-ship, and enjoy flexible scheduling and other perks as well.

How they give back: Pet Flow shares that “with every purchase you make, a bowl of food is donated to a pet in need.” They have a dedicated page to show you their monthly partners. For example, this month Pet Flow is partnering with Purina Pro Plan. They also feature animals you are helping with every purchase.

Zippy Paws

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About the company: Zippy Paws is a dog toy and lifestyle brand, with a focus on the most adorable selection of plushes. Their plushes can feature squeakers, crinkles, and stuffing making it versatile for cuddles and play. Additionally, you’ll find other types of toys like tugs, adventure gear like leashes and backpacks, and feeders.

How they give back: The Zippy Charity program was founded to help Zippy Paws consumers to give back to dogs in need. Zippy Paws shares “we have hand-picked these following organizations to partner with, because their values and philanthropic efforts align with those of ZippyPaws. For each toy you purchase, online or in-stores, ZippyPaws will donate $1 to the partner organization.” Some of these organizations are Earth’s Oceans Foundation, Paws With A Cause, and Mission K9 Rescue.


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About the company: The iconic Thundershirt that has helped sooth the anxiety of millions of cats and dogs was created by Thunderworks. The Thundershirt has been proven very effective in calming pets during fireworks, thunderstorms, vet visits, traveling, and other anxiety-inducing situations. Thunderworks is dedicated to selling functional products that sooth and calm cats and dogs.

How they give back: Thunderworks is committed to offering a real solution to a common problem in many pets: anxiety. They share “Over 70+ million dogs in the United States suffer from anxieties like thunder, fireworks, separation, and travel. Yet, only a small percentage of pet families are aware that there are simple solutions to help their pets feel calmer. We formed the Pet Anxiety Response Team to spread awareness about pet anxiety and deliver donations of calming supplies to anxious dogs across the country.”


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About the company: Last but certainly not least on our list of companies that give back to animals is P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You). They provide your pets with quality sleep thanks to their ergonomic, premium beds made with sustainable materials. The cherry on top is that they are also a Certified B Corp. company! The company strives to meet the needs of modern pet parents who are looking for comfort, functionality, luxury, and style.

How they give back: P.L.A.Y. gives back in a number of ways! Firstly, they believe that every pet deserves a warm place to sleep at night which is why they created the Warm Bellies Initiative. They partnered with the PetFinder Foundation to donate one bed to a shelter for every bed purchased. Secondly, P.L.A.Y. created the Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship that grants a $1,500 reward to a student who has impacted the life of an animal or contributed to animal welfare.

Make a purchase for your furry friend and help another furry friend in need at one of these companies that are making the world a better place for those in need! What are some of your favorite companies that give back to animals? Let us know in the comments below.

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Not only is Romingo dedicated to improving the lives of pets, Romingo is also dedicated to helping you and your pup travel and create beautiful memories together! Romingo donates a portion of all hotel bookings to Red Rover and you get to enjoy $0 in pet fees and flexible cancellations with every booking.

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