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Our Top 8 Picks of Dog Owner Gifts For Any Occasion

Do you find yourself scratching your head, wondering what to gift a friend or family member? Well, if they are a dog parent, we guarantee they’ll be ecstatic over one of these pup-approved dog owner gifts! These gifts are perfect for any occasion of the year and we’ve included picks within every price range and need for the fellow dog mom or dad. Happy browsing!

dog owner gifts


8-Bones Home Dog Treat Maker

This is for the dog owners who love feeding their pups deliciously healthy homemade treats! All they’ll have to do is preheat the maker, add the batter, and they’ll have 8 bone treats in just a few minutes. This product is also easy to use and clean, making it a great gift for the fellow dog parent!


Personalized Dog Leash Holder

This adorable personalized gift makes for a functional and decorative piece for the dog owner’s home. You can personalize the dog breed and name, and the seller offers over 200 breeds and different wood finishes.

dog owner gifts

Ultrasonic 4L Humidifier

A humidifier is a great gift option for pet owners who wish to purify their living space. This cool mist humidifier boasts over 1,000 positive reviews and for good reason! It features 3 adjustable outputs, lasting for up to 40 hours, bringing any space to an ideal 40-60% humidity level. Additionally, it’s extremely easy to refill and clean. For a more expensive, pet-targeted purifier, we highly recommend this option.

dog owner gifts

dog owner gifts


Custom Pet Portrait Sweatshirt

We love the quality and fit of this versatile pet sweatshirt! It’s the perfect casual and versatile unisex gift for the pet parent, plus this seller allows many customizations from portrait designs to colors and more. You’ll have a choice between a sweatshirt or hoodie.


Personalized Dog Mat

This quality dog mat is great for dressing up your dog’s living space and home. It’s also suitable to bring on any travel adventures! It’s comfy and plush, machine washable, and comes in 3 sizes, 5 colors, and 4 text styles.

dog owner gifts



dog owner gifts


Family Dog Portrait

For a sentimental gift, consider an adorable family dog portrait like this one! This Etsy find allows for many personalizations so you can be sure your loved one will receive a gift that best resembles them and their family! You can include up to 6 pets in this portrait.


Furbo Dog Camera

For those who are looking to spend some dollars on a dog owner gift, we highly recommend the famous Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser! This investment gift features 1080 HD full camera and night vision so you can keep an eye on your dog from anywhere you are and even keep them occupied with some treat tossing fun! Other features include a barking sensor and 2-way audio.

dog owner gifts

dog owner gifts


Custom Tote Bag

Last but certainly not least, you can’t go wrong with gifting a durable canvas tote bag like this one! Go the extra step and have the piece personalized when you buy from this seller (this includes a variety of color and text selections). It’s a great piece for short trips to the mall, dog park, farmer’s market, or dog-friendly brunch.

Will you be gifting one of our top picks of dog owner gifts? What other product recommendations would you be interested in? Let us know below!

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