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Here’s How To Look For The Best Dog-Friendly Hotels In 7 Steps

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Dog-friendly travel is on the rise with more attractions and accommodations in the United States embracing dogs with open arms. In fact, hotels now compete to offer the best facilities and services for dog owners. With increasingly more options out there, how do you know what to look for in a dog-friendly hotel?

Whether you plan to spend lots of time in the room or will be out exploring the surrounding areas, the hotel you and your canine companion stay at will make a world of difference for your trip.

Before you even get into the nitty gritty of what hotels offer, we always recommend taking a thorough look at their reviews which we’ve made easy for you with our Romingo Score algorithm (learn more about the Romingo Score HERE).

Now it’s time to get into the details! These are 7 steps to consider when choosing your next dog-friendly stay:

1. Check Regulations

The hotel should have clear regulations on which areas of the hotel are dog-friendly. Most hotels will have designated areas where your dog can roam, but the amount of space will vary from hotel to hotel. Consider how many of the amenities you would like to be dog-friendly. Will your dog only be staying in the hotel room the majority of the time? Double check the hotel’s policies before committing.

2. Find Open Areas

The ideal hotel has large open areas for your dog to play and explore so you’ll be as comfortable as possible with your dog during your stay. Dream hotels have rooms with large terraces, a swimming pool, a massage area, and even yoga for dogs. You can search for your desired hotel offerings with our services.

3. Know About Restrictions

Make yourself aware of size restrictions in addition to quantity restrictions if you have more than one dog. This goes hand in hand with checking the regulations as we mentioned above. If you book with Romingo, we guarantee 2 dogs per reservations at 75 lbs. each.

4. Seek Good Customer Service

Check to ensure that the hotel has friendly staff trained to handle situations involving you and your dogs. Many hotels with this level of pet-friendly customer service come at an additional cost but thanks to our team of dog-friendly travel experts at Romingo, we’ve partnered with hotels that will deliver a top notch dog-friendly experience.

5. Find Veterinary Clinics

Having a veterinary clinic near the hotel would be ideal! It’s a good idea to check before booking a specific hotel to make sure there’s a vet nearby just in case there’s a pet emergency. You don’t want to be in a dire situation and have to make a journey to get your pup to the vet.

6. Accessibility to Your Dog’s Needs and Wants

As we’ve mentioned in our previous blog post “Don’t Forget These 11 Essentials In Your Doggy Travel Bag”, it’s important to bring along the same food your dog eats at home but in case it were to run out (or you forget to bring it along), it’s helpful to stay at a hotel that offers dog food. Accessibility to dog parks, hikes, and other dog-friendly locations will make your trip more pleasant and enjoyable as well. With Romingo, all hotel listings include dog-friendly locations nearby to help you choose your ideal stay.

7. Tour Information and More

The ideal hotel has dog-friendly tours or a concierge who can recommend dog-friendly sites, parks, restaurants, museums, and attractions that you can visit with your pooch. This will save you the time of having to do all the research and let you spend that time having all the fun you can imagine with your furry loved one.

We hope you find these tips useful for your next adventure! What do you look for in a dog-friendly hotel? Let us know in the comments!

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