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7 Christmas Gifts for Dogs (That Their Owners Will Thank You For)

christmas gifts for dogs

This one’s for the last minute Christmas shoppers! We guarantee you the dog moms and dads in your life will love these gifts just as much, if not more, than their furry counterparts. Our curated list of Christmas gifts for dogs will also arrive just in time for Christmas with an Amazon Prime membership.


WEST PAW Toppl Treat Puzzle

An interactive puzzle toy is an absolute must for any pet parent! The multi-use Toppl is extremely interactive and stimulating. It comes in 3 different sizes, multiple colors, and features 2 components that give your pet more play and challenges. The “teeth” make it easy to stuff different types of treats and we recommend freezing the Toppl to make it even more challenging for your dog.

DooLoop Dog Poop Holder

A dog poop holder may not be the most glamorous Christmas gift, but this product’s functionality will make it an underrated gem! It makes longer walks so convenient and hassle-free. This affordable poop holder makes the perfect add-on to a Christmas gift.

FluentPet Recordable Button Get Started Kit

Thanks to TiKTok, communication kits like these have become viral for highlighting just how intelligent cats and dogs can be. You can choose which variation you want (Get Started, Basic Vocab, or Tester) but we recommend the Tester or Get Started kit for those who are introducing their pups to this “language platform” for the first time. Dedicated pet parents would love engaging in this new, exciting activity with their furry friend.

Custom Hand-Drawn Fleece Blanket

A simple, custom gift like this can mean so much for the fellow dog parent! Not only is this blanket super warm and cozy, the minimalist style of the portrait can elevate any living space.

Large Dog Toy Storage Box with Lid

Equal parts stylish and functional, this large storage box will complement the dog owner’s space and keep the house clean and organized after play time. This storage box comes in over 10 colors/patterns and features a separator to create two compartments. It’s also collapsible and the cotton-linen blend is lightweight and easy to wipe down.

2-Pack Knitted Scarf

Buying clothes for a dog can be just as tricky as buying clothes for a human. Will it fit them? Will they like this style? Is it going to be comfortable? A scarf like this is a low-risk, high-reward gift that is practical, versatile, and neutral enough for all breeds! This can easily dress up small or medium-sized dogs for a variety of occasions, without the fuss of a whole outfit. For large dogs, we recommend this adorable striped piece.

32 oz. Dog Water Bottle with Detachable Dog Bowls and Carrying Case

For the active dog owners and travel enthusiasts, this compact and durable water bottle makes fueling up while on the go so convenient. This insulated stainless steel bottle will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours and it features detachable dog bowls for eating and drinking. Sling it over the shoulder with the carrying case or pack it in a doggy travel bag.

We hope this list of Christmas gifts for dogs has inspired your dog-friendly gift giving this year! There’s something for every kind of dog owner, but if you want even more inspiration, check out these product recommendations:

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