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Are Airbnb Properties or Hotels Better for Pet-Friendly Travel?

is airbnb better for pet friendly travel

Airbnb, founded in 2008, saw huge success and popularity among all types of travelers over the past decade. The success of Airbnb had disrupted the hospitality industry by providing travelers with added convenience and flexibility at lower rates. Now travelers can find unique Airbnb’s at almost every corner of the world, allowing them to book a stay that is best tailored to their travel plans. One of the huge perks of Airbnb properties were the pet-friendly listings that were, often times, much more competitive than the limited options of pet-friendly hotels. Many pet parents found that booking through Airbnb was the best way of traveling with their furry companions.

However, in recent years, travelers have found Airbnb to be lacking due to increasing cleaning and service fees and stricter policies. Meanwhile, hotels have become more competitive by offering flexible cancellations/discounts, pet-friendly accommodations, and increasing their attention to detail and personalized service. The hospitality and travel industry continues to grow and change, so in this article we’ll be discussing whether Airbnb or hotels are best suited for pet-friendly travel.


Pros and Cons of Airbnb and Hotels

is airbnb better for pet friendly travel

With Airbnb, you’ll find a diversity of lodging experiences — from how friendly a host is to how novel the property and its surroundings are. Experience seekers love Airbnb, and those who love a simple and practical stay have also found great value in Airbnb’s prices and policies. With the diversity in Airbnb properties also comes differing expectations. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons below:

Wide range of prices (affordable to luxury)Steep cleaning fees
Flexible cancellationsSteep service fees
Unique propertiesStrict policies dependent on host
Advanced filtersStandard of cleanliness vary from
property to property
Experiences (classes, tours, etc.) available for bookingStandard of service and attentiveness
of host varies from property to property
Can accommodate larger partiesNo housekeeping
Can provide a more local experienceLimited on-site amenities and utilities depending on the property
Can provide a more cozy, in-home experience
Many pet-friendly properties
Better for long-term stays

Many people enjoy staying at hotels for reasons that aren’t quite fulfilled by Airbnb properties. At most hotels, you can expect a consistent standard of service, quality, and cleanliness across all properties. An aspect of traveling that many people prefer is feeling like they are in a new place, away from home, where they can enjoy the service and amenities they normally can’t back at home. Many hotels pay great attention to detail and are willing to accommodate special requests, giving guests a unique experience from ambience to decor to dining. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons below:

Consistent quality/standardBase price is typically more expensive than other lodging options
Amenities, utilities, and housekeeping includedLess privacy (shared space outside of your room)
Personalized 24/7 customer serviceMore traditional (typically less unique than properties available on Airbnb)
Accessibility to transportation and popular attractionsPaid parking
Special deals and discounts for members and guestsNot ideal for long-term stays
Growing number of beautiful pet-friendly propertiesNot ideal for very large groups
Typically safer (more security and cameras)
Can provide a more luxurious, “vacation” experience

Is Airbnb better for pet-friendly travel?

is airbnb better for pet friendly travel

Now that we’ve listed out the pros and cons of both Airbnb and hotels, which option is better for pet-friendly travel? You’ll have to consider the type of traveler you are and where you are traveling to! Airbnb is best for budget travelers, independent travelers (who are willing to share rooms), digital nomads, long-term travelers, and large groups. Those who are less concerned about safety and seek a novel, local experience may also find more value in an Airbnb stay.

Hotels are best for couples (romantic getaways), business trips, vacation/luxury travelers, and short-term travelers. You’ll be able to find more pet-friendly hotels in popular locations. Additionally, many travelers find that hotels are the better option because Airbnb rates (after all fees are included) are very much comparable to hotel rates. The truth is, pet-friendly accommodations are still limited whether you are booking through Airbnb or hotel sites. However, you’ll be pleased to know that sites like Romingo allow you to easily explore and book hundreds of pet-friendly luxury hotels!

Airbnb is the better option for pet-friendly travel if you are visiting somewhere more “obscure” or prefer a more budget-friendly option thanks to the wide variety of listings. Hotels, especially when booked on Romingo, are the better option because of the quality and waived pet fees! Romingo makes pet-friendly stays more accessible and budget-friendly by waiving all pet fees which means you pay $0 when you book through the Romingo platform.

The Verdict

So is Airbnb better for pet-friendly travel? Both Airbnb and hotels offer plenty of benefits that will make for an enjoyable pet-friendly travel experience! If you are ever stuck on where to stay, Romingo is a great place to start. On Romingo, you’ll find:

  • Hundreds of pet-friendly hotels
  • Vetted and highly-rated properties in prime locations
  • Flexible refund and cancellation policy
  • Trusted and accredited booking process
  • The best room rates
  • Personalized service
  • No hidden pet fees (ALL PET FEES WAIVED)

Ready to travel with your furry companion? Click the link below!

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