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8 LGBTQ+ Pet Brands to Support During Pride Month

As Pride Month brings communities together to celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity, it’s important to recognize and support businesses that champion LGBTQ+ rights and equality. These brands not only offer high-quality products for our furry friends, but also contribute to building a more inclusive and accepting world. In this article, we highlight 8 queer pet brands that you can support to show your solidarity during Pride and beyond.


PrideBites, founded in 2013 by Steven Blustein and Sean Knecht, stands out as a truly unique pet brand in the market. With a mission to connect brands with pet parents on a personal level, PrideBites has become a go-to destination for inclusive and customizable pet products. What sets them apart is not only the quality and range of their offerings, but their LGBTQ+ ownership that infuses their brand with authenticity and a deep commitment to inclusivity.

As LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, Bluestein and Knecht have woven their own experiences and values into the fabric of PrideBites. Their LGBTQ+ representation gives the brand a powerful voice in promoting diversity within the pet industry. By actively supporting LGBTQ+ organizations and events, collaborating with influencers from the community, and incorporating pride-themed designs into their products, PrideBites demonstrates its unwavering dedication to fostering inclusivity. With a unique perspective and understanding, pet parents can appreciate their commitment to create a more inclusive world for pets and their owners.

Source: PrideBites


Wildebeest, established in 2011, has been making its mark by providing cool, California-inspired essentials for dogs and dog lovers worldwide. With a focus on function and quality, this brand is passionate about creating dog gear that brings convenience and joy to the journey of both pets and their owners. At the heart of Wildebeest is a commitment to making solid and original dog gear accessible to all.

Wildebeest started as a passion project by founder and product designer, Jane, who became a new dog mom. Jane’s mission was to make reliable and innovative dog gear available to everyone. Today, this mission remains the driving force behind Wildebeest, ensuring that each product addresses user pain points and stands out as unique and superior. Quality is paramount for Wildebeest with a dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets their products apart in the dog product world.

Source: Wildebeest


Wondercide, as seen on Shark Tank, is a company driven by a story of Fierce Love® and a commitment to creating wonder-filled lives. With a focus on plant-powered solutions, Wondercide offers proven protection from a wide range of bugs, including ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, and roaches. Their groundbreaking products are tailored to address the unique requirements of pets and their owners, delivering efficient solutions that cater to a range of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The company’s journey began when founder Stephanie Boone sought to protect her beloved dog Luna from the potential harms of conventional flea-and-tick medications and pest control services. After Luna fell ill, Stephanie embarked on a mission to find a better way to safeguard pets, families, and homes. Wondercide was born out of the desire to provide effective plant-powered formulas that actually work. Today, Wondercide’s products protect packs of all kinds and is, becoming a trusted name in the industry.

Stephanie’s determination to make a difference has propelled Wondercide’s growth and impact. From advocating for change in pesticide regulations to formulating plant-powered solutions that gained approval from veterinarians, Stephanie’s journey has been fueled by the memory of Luna. The company’s appearance on Shark Tank further propelled their mission to help families far and wide. Luna’s legacy lives on as Wondercide continues to do good for pets, families, and the environment, leaving an indelible mark on the pest control industry. Stephanie Boone, an unstoppable mom on a mission, has become a trailblazing entrepreneur swimming with the Sharks, revolutionizing an entire industry along the way.

Source: Wondercide


Maxbone is your go-to destination for modern, easy, and fun pet essentials. Their mission is simple yet impactful: to empower pets and pet owners through their digital platform, where everything they create begins with you. With a genuine dedication to making pets and their owners happy, Maxbone strives to redefine what a pet company can be.

What sets Maxbone apart is their focus on design, quality, and community. They collaborate with manufacturers experienced in human apparel and accessories to develop items that are not only stylish but also built to last, emphasizing longevity, sustainability, and practicality. Quality remains a top priority for Maxbone, as they partner with the best factories worldwide to ensure that every product meets premium standards. Additionally, Maxbone deeply values their community and designs their products with their customers in mind, building a future-focused pet company where every creation is inspired by the needs and desires of pet owners.

Source: Maxbone

The Foggy Dog

The Foggy Dog is a brand driven by a passion for creating pet products that are not only functional but also exquisitely beautiful. Their commitment to providing the best for your furry friend shines through in every detail of their thoughtfully designed products. With a wide range of offerings, The Foggy Dog combines style, comfort, and durability, ensuring that your pet receives the highest quality.

The Foggy Dog stands out with their dedication to craftsmanship, sustainability, and giving back. Each product is carefully handcrafted in the USA, partnering with family-owned businesses that provide fair wages to skilled craftspeople. The brand also prioritizes eco-friendly practices, using recycled materials and natural fabrics whenever possible. In addition, The Foggy Dog supports animal shelters across America by donating one pound of food for every purchase, making a positive impact on dogs in need. Their founder, Rose, started the brand out of a personal desire for beautifully designed pet products, and her passion and commitment continue to drive The Foggy Dog forward.

Barks N’ Rec

Josh, Dave, and their furry companion, Keira, invite you to Barks N’ Rec—a small, independent pet supply store and facility dedicated to providing exceptional care for your beloved pets. Established in 2020 during the height of the pandemic, Barks N’ Rec was born with a mission to serve the community by offering essential pet products and reliable services. Located in Chicago’s Lakeview and Bucktown neighborhoods, their comprehensive offerings go beyond retail, encompassing services like dog daycare, boarding facilities, and event venues. Barks N’ Rec is committed to promoting the well-being of companion animals, providing access to organic diets, premium supplies, and holistic supplements. 

They strive to empower pet owners and foster healthy relationships with the community through collaborations with local rescue organizations and engaging events. With their passion for animal welfare, Josh and Dave are thrilled to connect with the beloved pups of Chicago and provide a home away from home at Barks N’ Rec.

Source: Oskar Kadaksoo

Butch Basix

Butch Basix is not your typical online store. With their curated collection of masculine style goods, they go beyond gendered stereotypes, creating a space where shoppers of every gender can find their perfect style.

Founded by Ames Simpson, whose personal experience as a frustrated butch consumer inspired the store, Butch Basix aims to break free from the limitations of traditional retail. They prioritize serving masculine-of-center individuals, including those who identify as butch, and welcome all who seek empowering choices in their personal presentation. By shifting the retail paradigm to focus on the characteristics of the goods sold rather than the gender of the consumer, Butch Basix challenges societal norms and fosters a more inclusive and diverse fashion landscape.

Source: Michael G


In the quest to make pet-friendly travel more convenient and enjoyable, Romingo emerges as a much-needed solution. Born out of the founder’s personal struggles to find accommodating and affordable options for their beloved French Bulldog, Romingo strives to redefine the travel experience for pet owners. Understanding the joy and companionship that our furry friends bring, Romingo serves as a go-to platform, connecting travelers with hotels that provide a warm and welcoming environment for both humans and their pets. With a focus on ease, convenience, and a commitment to making travel experiences with pets hassle-free, Romingo is revolutionizing the way we explore the world alongside our four-legged companions.

Supporting Inclusivity and Diversity

Supporting LGBTQ+ pet brands during Pride Month goes beyond just purchasing pet products – it’s a powerful way to embrace diversity, celebrate inclusivity, and uplift LGBTQ+ voices within the pet industry. These 8 brands, led by LGBTQ+ ownership, prioritize authenticity and inclusivity. Together, we can create an inclusive and welcoming pet industry where every pet and owner feels seen, respected, and celebrated throughout the year.

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