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5 Important Tips To Know Before You Travel With Your Dog

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Traveling with your dog (whether locally or internationally) can feel daunting, especially if it’s your first-time. We’re here to help you avoid stressful and unexpected situations for your upcoming trip. If you’re looking for guidance to tackle first-time travel with your furry companion, or looking to elevate your next dog-friendly trip then keep on reading!


1. Prepare Your Dog’s Documentation

Just like how humans carry important travel documents, it’s a good idea to organize and carry your dog’s travel documents as well. For example, when traveling internationally, you may need health records for yourself and for your pooch. We recommend that you bring several copies in case airport officials may choose to keep the original documents, which could be a problem if they are requested again at a later date or on another leg of the trip. It also wouldn’t hurt to carry a digital copy on your mobile device, too!

dog friendly hotels


2. Check and Recheck Airline Pet Policies Before Buying Tickets

Why? Because some airlines make policy changes without prior notice, and if you’re unaware about the changes you may run into a headache when you arrive at the airport. Nobody wants to start a vacation off on the wrong paw.

3. Stay at Hotels That Cater to Dogs

We can all agree our pups deserve the very best right? Lucky for you, we’re reimagining what dog-friendly means! Use us as your vacation booking platform to discover dog-friendly stays (that waive all pet fees!) for you and your doggos.


4. Pack a Dog Backpack

Dogs are like children! Be sure to prep their backpacks with all the necessary accessories to keep them safe and comfy while traveling. Wondering what accessories you might be missing? We have the answers in an upcoming blog so stay tuned!

dog friendly hotels
dog friendly hotels

5. Study the Local Culture if Traveling to a Foreign Country

Not all countries see dogs equally. Some countries have harsh restrictions, perhaps even limiting specific types of dogs. We highly recommend doing research on your destination to see if they have a list of prohibited breeds and any other dog-related info.

dog friendly hotels


Let us know what you think of these 5 tips in the comments and stay tuned for more tips and information. We’re just getting started! Don’t forget to sign up here to get the latest on dog-friendly travel news and updates.

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