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Don’t Forget These 11 Essentials In Your Doggy Travel Bag

One of the most important aspects of traveling is feeling secure that you have all your essentials packed for the trip ahead of you. Preparing a doggy travel bag with all the necessary accessories is key to an enjoyable and comfortable trip for both you and your pup. This is your definitive list of dog travel essentials where we cover everything from the best dog wipes, to the best dog leashes, toys, and more!

We’ve come up with this checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. Be sure to bookmark it for your next trip! best dog wipe

1. Containers for Food and Water

The  American Kennel Club recommends bringing the same food you use at home so your dog is familiar with it and will feel comfortable eating in a new location. We recommend packing your dog’s favorite food in an airtight container along with bottled water to keep them well-fed and hydrated. Also, collapsible bowls come in handy for servings while on the go.

Pro Tip: It’s always better to overpack your dog’s food. Include a few extra servings in your container because you never know what can happen!

2. Leash and Collar

This might seem obvious, but be sure that the collar you pack has your identification and emergency contact information. Also, if your dog is large, some places require a muzzle so it’s worth carrying one just in case, even if you’ve got the sweetest hound in town. Depending on the activities planned for you and your dog, we recommend looking into the best dog leashes for specific needs (e.g. best dog leash for hiking, best dog leash for big dogs, etc.). Shop our picks below!

3. Doggy Hygiene Products

Maintaining your dog’s daily hygiene routine when traveling is as important as maintaining your own. So don’t forget the toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, soap, and shampoo! We suggest packing anti-tick and flea soap and shampoo while traveling even if you don’t normally use it at home.  best dog wipes

4. Towel

This is always a great item to have handy, whether in an airport, on a plane, or in the car. You can use the towel to clean up any messes your dog might make, cover then in case they get cold, or dry them off if they get wet. It’s also nice to have once you reach your destination in case you need to bathe your dog while traveling.

5. Toys

You have books, movies, and podcasts to keep you entertained while traveling, so don’t forget to bring your dog some entertainment, too! We suggest bringing at least two toys: their favorite toy and a new toy that can grab their attention and keep them busy while on the trip. These are some of our trusted favorites:

6. Meds and Emergency Kit

If your dog is prone to allergies or has any type of medical condition, it is essential to bring his/her medications and an emergency kit. Hopefully you’ll never be in a situation where you’ll need to use it, but it never hurts to be prepared.

7. Treats

If your furry companion is extremely food-motivated, then you know how important a yummy  treat is! Treats can be used to reward and comfort your dog if they are feeling stressed or nervous. Having treats in a training pouch when you’re on the go will make the experience more enjoyable for both of you.

8. Wet Wipes

Great to clean up sticky, icky messes – of all kinds! The best dog wipes are gentle, will neutralize unwanted odors, and freshen up your dog after any activity.

9. A Small Fan best dog wipes

If you’re traveling in the summer months or to a warm destination, it’s a good idea to bring a portable fan along. Dogs will feel dehydrated or tired if they’re overheating and we don’t want our babies feeling uncomfortable!

10. Documents best dog wipes

We can’t stress this enough! Be sure to pack all of your dog’s important documents. You can read more in our previous blog post “5 Important Tips To Know Before You Travel With Your Dog”.

11. Disposable Pet Waste Bags

Last but not least, you’ll need some bags to collect your pup’s waste and to store any wet or dirty items throughout the course of the trip. We recommend a biodegradable option and carrying waste bags in a small and larger size.

We hope this list helps you prepare for any and all pet-friendly adventures heading your way!

Let us know if we forgot anything in the comments and stay tuned for more tips and information. Don’t forget to sign up here to get the latest on dog-friendly travel news and updates.

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